Monsoon Splash - HSBC India Volunteering Action Fortnight (VAF) 2014

Partner: HSBC India

A high-impact flagship programme from Ennovate Global (EG), combining learn-with-fun innovative outdoor and indoor activities designed to engage HSBC corporate employees in water saving activities, the HSBC Monsoon Splash VAF 2014 held from July 26-August 09 was designed to create a mindset change in the way we look, use and save water. The action fortnight theme was: Slow the Flow. Save Water. Be Water Smart.

EG delivered for HSBC a record 27916 volunteering hours against its requirement of 25000 volunteering hours via its activities, pooling in the skills of EG coordinators for the 55 HSBC branches across 28 cities, in 11 exciting activities, engaging experts on the subject across all cities and branches. EG also created a transparent, effective and defining online MIS system to capture data from its EG coordinators, and a website for the HSBC employees to log in and participate in the water audits, play online games and register their feedback.

VAF 2014 successfully engaged 4911 employees across India and all HSBC branches in 307 innovative activities — Water Bank-Innovate, Water Desk, Skits, Water Smart Quiz, Water Football, Saaf Pani, Online Water Audits for Home and Office, Water Reality Show, Go Meatless for a Day, Painting Competition, SMS Competition, Water Film Festival, Best Out of Waste Installations and Online Games.

While Ennovate Global was the National Partner, it was ably supported by other organisations in the execution of VAF 2014: Dusty Foot Productions, Exnora Green, Jeevan Ashram Sanstha, Bombay Natural History Society, Environment Sanitation Institute and Jagdish Bose National Science Talent Search Campus.

HSBC Website

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HSBC VAF 2014 Online Water Audits for Home, Office and Individual - Flush Your Worries  HSBC VAF 2014 MIS for Reporting by Ennovate Coordinators
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