Children Climate Change Communication Programme (CCCCP)

The Children Climate Change Communication Programme (CCCCP) is one of the flagship programme of CEC. The aim of the programme is to engage children in understand climate change and create young Climate Change Communicators to carry forward the message of climate change adaptation and mitigation to the community at large and create climate resilient future.

The idea is to empower children to make an informed choice which will keep them and the planet healthy. To communicate such a message the first discourse was held on October 18, 2014 (Saturday) at Sahoday School, Hauz Khas Village Road, Safdarjung Development Area. Three films on climate change were screened: Shelter by Raghu Gopalan, When Every Drop Counts by Rishu Nigam, and Tales of Gorakhpur: Path towards a Climate Resilient Future, also by Rishu Nigam.

Shelter conveyed how our greed for materialistic comforts is destroying the natural world, When Every Drop Counts showed the inspiring revival of rainwater harvesting under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) in Barmer (Rajasthan), while Tales of Gorakhpur: Path Towards a Climate Resilient Future film builds a case for local governments and citizens to work together to make their cities resilient and sustainable. A session on “Demystifying Climate Change” by Rishu Nigam, Environment Filmmaker was also held. The CEC team conducting a climate change quiz and highlighted the diversity of the subject. More than 500 children participated in three hours programme.