Study for Setting Up Revolving Fund for “A Healthy Future for Delhi’s Dwellers - An Integrated Approach for Water Quality and Business Development Project

Partners: Nav Srishti for Plan India

The detailed study exploring the pros and cons, expected outcomes and recommendations, looked at the viability of setting up a Revolving Fund which would be utlised to scale up the business in the current project locations and expand and explore new locations in Delhi. It also conducted a dipstick on operational aspects of the revolving funds and preparedness of NGO partners and SHGs groups of entrepreneurs in managing the revolving funds.

The study was undertaken for a unique collaborative pilot project partnered by international organisations and Indian NGOs, “A Healthy Future for Delhi’s Slum Dwellers” integrated the approach for water quality with a business development model to not only improve the health conditions of people living in the slum areas but provide them with an excellent opportunity to augment their income with the selling of water filters manufactured by the Dutch company, Basic Water Needs (BWN).

The project focused on the three slum colonies i.e. Holambi Kalan situated at North West, Rangpuri Pahari at South East and Madanpur Khaddar in South East of New Delhi. The project partners Plan India, Plan Netherlands, partners Basic Water Needs (BWN), Bal Vikas Dhara (BVD), Nav Srishti and Community Aid & Sponsorship Programme (CASP).