Children Climate Change Communication Programme (CCCCP)

The Children Climate Change Communication Programme (CCCCP) is one of the flagship programme of CEC. The aim of the programme is to engage children in understand climate change and create young Climate Change Communicators to carry forward the message of climate change adaptation and mitigation to the community at large and create climate resilient future.

Monsoon Splash - HSBC India Volunteering Action Fortnight (VAF) 2014

Partner: HSBC India

A high-impact flagship programme from Ennovate Global (EG), combining learn-with-fun innovative outdoor and indoor activities designed to engage HSBC corporate employees in water saving activities, the HSBC Monsoon Splash VAF 2014 held from July 26-August 09 was designed to create a mindset change in the way we look, use and save water. The action fortnight theme was: Slow the Flow. Save Water. Be Water Smart.

Developing Website on Convention on Biological Diversity, India - Clearing House Mechanism (CHM)

Partner: National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) for Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change

The content and the structure of one of the NBA’s website (National Clearing House Mechanism (CHM) of India) hosted on behalf of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change needed to be made more effective and pithy in giving out the NBA message and information on the rich biodiversity of India, the challenges and what needs to be done more urgently for its conservation. Also, the structure of the website needed modification.

Preparation of a Print Ready Publication on Rivers for Life - Proceedings of the International Symposium on River Biodiversity: Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna River System

Partner: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

A high-end publication starting off with intensive coordination work with IUCN Bangladesh and India country offices, the book was oriented, copy edited and designed to serve as a rich compendium on some of the most important issues related to the GBM region. The work on the publication covered all aspects from A-Z from the title of the document to copy-editing to assisting in obtaining the ISBN for the publication, designed to make it a ready-to-print document all ends were tied up and presented.