To develop Abridged Version of “Ecological Impact of Drinking Water and Related Issues on Health, Nutrition and Socio-economic Status of Communities” Report

Partner: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

The scope of work was to compact the data spread across 130 pages to create an abridged version of the report which would carry the same depth of information as the longer version but be made lucid, concise and crisp to expand the circle of readership and wider dissemination to the people concerned in the sector. The report was edited in line with the extensive in-house editing guidelines and IUCN editorial guidelines.

Study for Setting Up Revolving Fund for “A Healthy Future for Delhi’s Dwellers - An Integrated Approach for Water Quality and Business Development Project

Partners: Nav Srishti for Plan India

The detailed study exploring the pros and cons, expected outcomes and recommendations, looked at the viability of setting up a Revolving Fund which would be utlised to scale up the business in the current project locations and expand and explore new locations in Delhi. It also conducted a dipstick on operational aspects of the revolving funds and preparedness of NGO partners and SHGs groups of entrepreneurs in managing the revolving funds.

Final Evaluation of Capacity Building for Joyful and Effective Teaching and Learning in Sciences in Maldives

Partner: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

The final evaluation of the project of national relevance in the education sector for the government of Maldives, “Capacity Building for Joyful and Effective Teaching and Learning in Sciences in Maldives,” involved an in-depth assessment using specifically designed evaluation tools.