The People

Dr B C Choudhury, Executive Trustee, Principal Investigator of Aquatic Projects at WTI and Former Professor, Wildlife Institute of India (WII)

The 21st century is the Age of Knowledge. Sharing and distributing of knowledge with a diverse set of stakeholders is the key to improving outcomes which result from a sharing of ideas and widening the network to be able to touch lives and bring real, sustainable change on the ground.

Placed in this context, CEC has joined hands with its partners to understand the role of communities in wildlife and biodiversity conservation, while conducting seminal researches across India to understand issues of concern such as human-wildlife conflict, livelihood based conservation programmes, and awareness on biodiversity among communities, with a special focus on youth engagement and empowerment.

Aligning our communication objectives with these very important roles, CEC’s environmental communication engagements have sought to engage a range of stakeholders from rural and urban youth, the media, policymakers, students and young change makers to understand their concerns and the seminal role they play in furthering and sharpening environmental communication.

Towards this, CEC has partnered to document the operation and maintenance of WASH facilities in schools, conducted a study for a revolving fund for the underprivileged sector to ensure water quality and create a business development plan for the community, and created WASH modules which serve as guidelines to inculcating good WASH habits while learning how to maintain the WASH facilities effectively.

With this belief as the driving force of its content management, CEC has engaged in a wide variety of content work spanning the topics of health and nutrition, sustainability campaigns, and water security.