The People

Madhu Bhatnagar, Project Advisor, Consultant - Environment Programmes, The Shri Ram Schools - Delhi/ Gurgaon/ SRF Foundation, Agra and Member SPHEEHA

Madhu Bhatnagar, in her 25 years of service with The Shri Ram Schools, has spearheaded landmark initiatives and movements in environment education. She made environmental education mandatory much before the ruling of the Supreme Court. Her work on wildlife conservation has included rehabilitation of Moghiya poachers around Ranthambhore National Park. She has also worked towards solar electrification of seven villages around Ranthambhore National Park, including the forest chowkies inside the park and relocated villages. In Agra, she continues to spread awareness in schools and colleges. Ms Bhatnagar is recipient of Green Teacher National Award by Sanctuary Asia; Chief Minister’s Delhi, Award for Water Harvesting; “Eco-Warrior” awarded by the Vice President of India, for Earth Matters; Karamveer Chakra National Award by I –Congo for Social Justice and Action.