About CEC Awards

The state of the natural environment is the prime concern of every generation. Not just our present and the future, but indeed, the robust perpetuation of the planet Earth itself depends on the well-being of the natural environment. Underscoring its utmost importance, the recently concluded CoP 21 in Paris has come up with an agenda that is more specific, more inclusive, and more strongly binding on both the developing and the developed nations. Educational institutions are placing much emphasis on inculcating positive environmental behaviours among children via Eco-clubs, Paryavaran Clubs, Green Corps, Education in Sustainable Education (ESD) programmes and many other such innovative initiatives. The government of the day has reiterated emphasis on the environment with the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM). At the grass roots of India, several impactful and rapidly evolving sustainable initiatives are taking shape and changing lives. The developmental sector, the corporate sector and media organisations have been consistently highlighting environmental concerns via innovative programming and campaigns. Surrounded as we are by the diversity of environmental communication, we must make a choice. Which is the one with a distinct voice and a constructive impact? Which is the work that is ingenious, innovative, and impactful? Has it raised awareness and piqued curiosity on the subject? Has it been able to sensitise people and trigger a thought process towards a sustainable lifestyle? Or has it actually engendered behaviour change towards positive environmental action? CEC Awards will uphold and award such diverse and distinct gamechangers. 

Judging Parameters:



Impact & Effectiveness

Media Strategy


Use of the Medium

Call for Nomination 2023

A big shout-out to such diverse environment communication initiatives for the CEC Environment Communication Awards 2023. Enter your most innovative and impactful initiative that could bring about a positive change in the way we interact with our natural environment. 

What type should the Initiative be?

What to Enter

This is what you can enter: a sustained or brief and impactful on-ground programme/ campaign; an initiative on radio, television, online or in print; a hard-hitting public service announcement (PSA) or a sensitive jingle; or perhaps an advertisement or series of advertisements that moved the people to try to change their entrenched attitudes; the initiative could also be a path-breaking film, or a documentary. An integrated campaign, programme, or project employing multiple media is also eligible for the Awards.

Relevance to the Award themes, innovation, the power to sensitise people, trigger a positive thought process or impact behaviours towards the creation of environmentally sustainable lifestyles are the guiding principles.

Thematic Centres

  • Climate Change Communication Centre (C4)
  • Biodiversity Communication Centre (BCC)
  • Green Films Centre (GFC)
  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Communication Centre (WASHCC)