Categories and Themes

Nomination Categories

Initiatives are invited from: 

  • Individuals
  • Corporate
  • Government Entities
  • Media –Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, Community Radio, Television or Online
  • Filmmakers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Developmental Organisations such as multilateral, bilateral and international organisations etc.
  • Civil Society Organisations
  • Educational Institutions – School, College, University 

Award Themes

The awards will explore the following themes: 

  1. Climate Change Communication

An initiative which explores the theme of climate change and its multiple aspects such as — adaptation and mitigation measures, climate change technology for the present and the future, threats, impacts and solutions related to all beings in the Earth’s ecosystem and its landscapes, local and global issues and trends, the national and international dynamics, politics and linkages of climate change, stories of individual efforts to tackle climate change, climate change and livelihood issues or health issues, awareness raising and behaviour change concepts and models — will be considered in this category. 

  1. Biodiversity Conservation Communication

Initiatives in this category must cover the gamut of biodiversity issues. These could be about raising awareness of India’s rich biodiversity, the loss and the conservation efforts, innovation which helps in conservation and propagation of biodiverse species, linkages between indigenous communities and biodiversity concerns/ livelihood issues, traditional and natural knowledge of the communities, medicinal value of our biodiversity, biodiversity and the way it has shaped the languages and cultures of the Indian subcontinent, responsible tourism, topics related to India’s biodiversity hotspots and biodiversity protected areas, implementation or violation of the Biodiversity Act, India’s National Biodiversity Targets and how they impact our lives, progress on the biodiversity targets and such topics will be considered in this category. Issues concerning India’s rich wildlife and its present status, rare and endangered species, the discovery of new species, the role of our forests, wetlands, and coastal and marine areas and their linkages with associated cultures, traditions, and livelihoods will also be considered in this category. 

  1. Positive Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Communication

Practising simple water conservation, sanitation and hygiene habits is the best way to counter deadly diseases. Initiatives in this category should be able to spread the good word on positive WASH habits in children and the community and work towards change WASH habits such as hand washing, putting an end to open defecation, employing water conservation techniques such as rainwater harvesting and other such critical water matters which impact our health and lifestyles and promote water cleanliness and conservation. 

  1. Others

Apart from the above-mentioned themes, initiatives that explore pertinent and critical environmental issues such as pollution, littering, garbage pile-up and its implications, resource efficiency, chemicals and waste, e-waste, natural disaster and conflict management and other such concerns will be a part of this theme.

Thematic Centres

  • Climate Change Communication Centre (C4)
  • Biodiversity Communication Centre (BCC)
  • Green Films Centre (GFC)
  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Communication Centre (WASHCC)