About Green Buddies

On this premise was born the Green Buddies Film Festival – India’s first niche green films festival exclusively for children and youth. It is the only green festival which provides a stage for the voices of children and youth to be heard on the subject of environment. For those who are already “green buddies” with the environment, this festival will be a unique opportunity to showcase their efforts via films and other environmental communication tools and formats; for those who are yet to understand the importance of conserving the environment, the festival will be an awakening, an initiation into the subject. The festival is an exclusive Flagship initiative of the Centre for Environment communication. 

The festival will include film screenings, workshops, competitions, DIYs, food fest, exhibitions, music & dance performances, role plays and skits on environment-related themes and games related to environment. 

Children need to be initiated into environmental conservation very young if environment is to be headlined in their lives. The Green Buddies Film Festival, in its journey towards raising such awareness early on, is poised to become the seminal environment festival which effectively and innovatively platforms the action, imagination, and aspirations of our future generations — the composers and ambassadors of a sustainable tomorrow.